"The first time I saw the art of The Shiflett Brothers, I knew I was looking at the work of a couple true masters of the craft. Their incredible imagination, coupled with their scholarly knowledge of anatomy and sense of design makes them among the most respected and respectable artists in their field; I stand in awe of their extraordinary creations."


Jordu Schell, Designer

Lead Character Designer, Avatar

Furfur the Demon Resin Kit Bust


Fantasy Sculpting DVD


Chloe Art Print




Ol’ Scratch Art Print




Chloe: Aviator for Hire



Chloe Painted Statue



The Executioner




Principia and the Serpent


Hickory Horned Dragon


Ol’ Scratch




Lulu the Destroyer




Wayne Barlowe’s Thype



Ol’ Scratch Resin Bust



Komodo King




Noynub in: Deal with the Devil